A Tale of Academic Excellence: Unveiling Student Performance Across Universities.

photo from Unsplash by Vasily Koloda.

The dataset contained examination results from students who participated in exams at a fictitious educational institution. The dataset was collected to assess student performance in both general management and domain-specific subjects. I obtained the dataset from Kaggle. This treasure trove of data includes students’ names, universities, program names, specialisations, semesters, and scores across various domains.

I pit universities against one another. Which institution reigns supreme in molding top-performing students? By aggregating data and calculating medians, I tried to uncover the universities that consistently produce high-achieving individuals across the various PROGRAM NAMES.

This is what i found.

The box and whisker plot shows that the median total score is highest at Stanford University, followed by Harvard University and the University of Oxford.

The median total scores at the University of Cambridge, MIT, Caltech, and Imperial College London are all lower than at the top three universities, but they are still quite high.

The IQRs for all of the universities are relatively small, which indicates that the scores are tightly clustered around the median.

However, the range of scores at each university is quite large, which indicates that there is some variation in the scores.

Caltech University has a boxplot where the maximum and minimum ranges are close to each other and appear tight. This suggests that for Caltech University, the range of ‘TOTAL SCORE (OUT of 100)’ is relatively narrow. In other words, the scores of students at Caltech may cluster closely together without many outliers.

with just a line, Oxford University may have less variability, with a relatively small IQR. The line inside the box represents the median, which is the middle value of the data when sorted. A small IQR and a line-like appearance suggest that the scores for Oxford University are concentrated around a central value.


B.com had the highest median score.

ALSO, among the students, Wood was the best performing

On the top performing Universities, i found

The best semester performance wise was found to be ;

I also performed the effect of scores against RANK

The higher the Total SCORE, the higher the Domain score and the lower the RANK. RANK was negatively correlated to the scores.

you can read a complete analysis of the study here.