It’s happening again. And it seems just like most times that there is not much word from the biggest political organization of the land. The eerie silence from its tall magnificent glass coverings and it’s pristine lawns continues to be loud. The rise of Police brutality in the continent and the failure of the African Union to fully clamp down on it is a reason for concern today.

The circulating videos over social media and the reported police brutality meted on civilians along the streets of Uganda against people protesting arrests of opposition leader Bobby Wine is the latest attack on civilians that the African Union continues to ignore. A loud silence seems to often emanate from an organization that has continued to pride itself on the need to protecting and promoting human rights throughout the continent. 

Death in the seas has not had enough of Africans it seems. And now there is a deliberate attempt to make life on their own lands dangerous. While the rhetoric of the Union on doing anything might be heavy on humbug and light on insights for lasting solution towards police brutality in the continent, albeit the usual notes posted on Twitter should help bring order to such blatant acts at taking African lives. Please even the 280 characters should do a lot. 

It’s like Violence has become a hallmark of policing in most countries in the Continent, a desire like Bolt race to outdo the colonial governments horror of a police force. From Lagos to Nairobi, Soweto to Kampala, the stories and images have been one and the same. Policing gone rogue!

The African union’s failure to call out governments’ use of force against civilians using the police continues to portray a bleak picture of the continents biggest political club. That the Union’s reactions to human rights violations either come late when scores have died, through pressure by Africans on social media or never comes at all despite having bodies like the African commission on human and peoples rights that is meant to report to the Union is a scar on the conscious of many who celebrate the good work the Union has done over the years. 

Soon enough the question of what really is the African Union for if it cannot protect African lives in the continent will need to be answered!